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Integrated Campaign 

For this university project, I was asked to create a nonprofit organisation aimed to combat cyberbullying. I was given the slogan “Words Can Hurt”, and I wanted to turn that into a more positive message, with a friendly and approachable brand design. Patch wants to spread the message that while words can hurt, they can also be used to heal. Patch wants to teach that using a positive language can change the internet’s attitude, and make it a positive and uplifting place.




PROFESSOR: Simone Valtulina



To further emphasise the company’s goal of spreading a positive message, the focus of the logo is a smiley face. Playing off of the slogan “Words Can Heal”, I used the image of a bandage.


For the advertisements, the project required to show words being used as weapons, I chose to show two sides of a person’s story. One side, showing that words can hurt in a physical manner, and the other showing words as bandages used to heal the victim from their trauma.


Patch wishes to use its digital platforms to create a safe space for people and victims to go. The goal is to post uplifting content to inspire the spread of positivity. The instagram will post daily affirmations in the bandage format with the goal of breaking a potentially negative feed with something to make you smile. I also created an interactive face filter that mimics the ads and is an interesting way for followers to join the cause.


I wanted create a surprise interaction with the brand, and to do so I created stickers. The stickers will be in 2 formats: one as just our logo, with our instagram references; the other with a short positive message, something that someone can read really quickly on a walk and make them want to take a closer look. Our goal is to put a smile on peoples faces.

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