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Branding and Multiplatform Marketing

My goal for this project is to create an organization that supports small businesses, with the intent of revitalizing the days in Italy of walking down the street and buying your necessities from your neighbours. I believe that stimulating awareness of these small businesses will encourage people to change their current spending, and support local businesses that they aren’t otherwise aware of in their area. Vinci provides a platform for people to grow conscious of the small businesses that are in their neighbourhoods. Through Instagram and a custom app, Vicini tells the stories of the people behind those mom and pop shops. Unlike our competitors, Vicini strives to get to know the people running the business and help them connect with potential customers, allowing people to put humanity back into their needs.




CLASS: Cultural Marketing

PROF: Marian Christodoulatou



In effort to keeping the Italian style, I chose the typeface “Lust”, a modern style type that is reminiscent of vintage Italian design. Paired with “Montserrat”, it is a sleek combination that is inviting yet professional. 


When choosing the colors, I knew I wanted the brand to be appealing to a younger audience, so it needed to be eye catching and fun. The colors also serve a functional purpose as visual cues for the different types of businesses featured on the platform.



Vicini will post photos on our Instagram feed of people we interview to focus on building connections between the small business workers and customers. These posts will include captions that direct customers to our app to learn the full story about the featured businesses.


The app functions as a map, so you can see the businesses closest to you at any given moment. Having the map is a great feature because not every business is listed or listed properly on Google Maps so we easily provide the location because we have visited these places ourselves. It features all the businesses mentioned on the Vicini Instagram, and users can filter to see only the services that align with their interests.


I have created a coffee table book that features the stories of the businesses that started it all, for the people who have been with Vicini from the start. The book is designed to highlight the photography and serves as a high design city guide.




The instagram will show short video formats of the interviews in the stories and give a quick glimpse into how the companies work, day-today. These stories will be saved and can be seen in the highlights of the profile page.


I wanted the photography to appear almost as though it were a printed photo, that had been aged. The photographs are meant to add to the story of the history of these businesses and show the faces behind the goods and services.


To compliment the photos, I drew illustrations to pair with the different kinds of shops/services. These will be used in different ways throughout the design. The style of the illustrations is textured yet simple, to relate to the texture from the photos, but not outshine them. This also emphasizes the hand crafted aspect of the drawings.

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